Yep, the PlayStation 5 development unit appears to have leaked once again. Posted to Twitter by @Alchoholikaust, a photograph shows not one, but two PS5 devkits sitting next to a monitor. Also pictured is the supposed PS5 controller -- the design of which matches a recently uncovered patent from Sony. It's a lot like the DualShock 4, but perhaps a tiny bit bulkier at the sides.

The bottom line is that while we do have to tag this story as a rumour, the image seems legit. The devkit's 'V' shaped design has now cropped up way too many times for it to be fake, even if these two units somehow turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

It's worth keeping in mind, though, that devkits do not reflect the finished product. As much as part of us thinks that the V design is kind of cool, we highly doubt that the PS5 will look anything like this when it hits the market in late 2020.

In any case, we may only have a few months to wait before we finally get to see something of the PS5. There are numerous rumours going around right now that suggest Sony is planning some sort of reveal event in early 2020, followed up by a blowout at E3 in the summer.

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...ut anyway, nice to see that Sony are ensuring developers have everything they need to make the most of the new console's power. Should be quite a strong launch line-up!

It looks ugly as hell to me, and I hope it doesn’t look like that as the final product. Regardless, I’m still getting one despite how it looks. Lol.

@Nerdfather1 i honestly don't care how it looks, i don't buy a console to look at it, i buy it to play games so if it looks like the dev kits that's fine by me

I really hope they make it all smooth, slightly robust, and with a patent polish. Like how I like my lovers.

I don't think it looks bad. I wouldn't be upset if that turned out to be the final design. I would be more upset if its only available in white!

now I see it like that I think it looks quite good! plus the new controller would never look that way or this could happen they are just DS4 with the tech in for now I reckon.

Looks like a mean gaming machine! Honestly I could care less what it looks like. As long as we get 4k @60fps I'll be a happy camper!

Why do people keep saying it's a V (out side of v=5 aspect)? Considering the pov, it looks like a stylized A or point, pinnacle. Like we have hit the pinnacle of gaming with the ps5.

@YETi as long as the back is flat and not slanted like the PS4 because that slanted back makes plugging stuff in a bit tricky...

Horrible design wouldn't want that under my table or on my wall. Ps Pro smashes that v shape all the day long. But give me the v in matt black and grey but smaller and alot flatter. That devout looks more retro than ever but I'm just hoping it's a beast of a system and taht it beats xbox hands down with power if not than il buy both consoles on realease date, i have a base ps and pro for living room I own all exclusives and more so I trully hope the next gen tko xbox like they did this season.

Looks very 2003. Not the prettiest thing around but the final product will probably look a lot different.

Now that I think of it, I can't recall one home console in the history of gaming that actually looked nice. All the PS4 iterations look just OK because they're very low-key. Switch is probably my recent favorite for the same reason.

and i'm talking about the UK/EU version which looked just like the Super Famicom and not the ugly American version

I wonder if the disc slot is for backwards compatibility or ps5 games- cause it would be great if we went back to cartridges as a whole.

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So seeing the controller is almost exactly like the current one I take it ps4 controllers will work with the ps5 as well as the games.

@ToniK i have the both the Nintendo Mini's and PlayStation Classic for the same reason, they just look so nice

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