A simple $3 baking tray has sent shoppers into a frenzy as doughnut lovers everywhere swoop in to show off their own creations using the device.

The trays are offered as a part of Aldi's latest Special Buy collection this week, and they have already sold out in many areas as eagle-eyed foodies seek to capitalise on the amazing deal.

One savy shopper swooped in to collect up the special Aldi trays and baking up a storm using their special recipe

She posted: 'Got to Aldi two minutes after opening and bought all the remaining doughnut trays – there was only a few left by the time I got there!'  

'I used skim milk as it was all I had but just went a bit heavier on the oil and butter to make for it,' she said.

The woman known as Kayla bought as many trays as she could so she could bake up several batches with chocolate and cinnamon toppings

The appetising photos of her creation drew envy and amazement from shoppers who were keen to taste test them personally.

Commenters were envious of her delicious creation with many sharing their own versions or asking if they could come over for a personal taste test

Animal Cookie Making Machine

You can serve your delicious doughnuts in either a delicious cinnamon topping or with a chocolate glaze as Kayla chose to do  

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